DSEA Pro Competition Spring 2019
For the pro bracket, the entry fee is set to €10 per team. For each DSEA member on your main roster, you will get a €2 discount up to €10 in total.

Seeding is determined based on the top 5 soloqueue ranks of the team on Thursday March 7th.
The format can be found in the competition ruleset but is subject to change depending on amount of subscriptions.

During match days, the Tournament Officials (TO's) can be reached via the League of Legends client or via the discord server of DSEA: https://discordapp.com/invite/0WojzlaHTNbEb2AH.

The first round will be played on March 9th.
The last round will be played on May 18th.

The prize pool depends on the amount of teams subscribed.
The winning team of the tournament will recieve 55% of the prize pool, the runnerup 25%, and the 3rd and 4th get 10%.

The full ruleset, including exact playing schedule, can be found on: https://esportsdelft.nl/events/8?occurence_index=0

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