How I Live Now 02
There are no partners on the classwork today. Work Independently. Read today's excerpt from our story, and answer the following questions.
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Comprehension Section
Choose the Best possible answer.
Question 1
Daisy uses the phrase, "the devil's spawn" to refer to:
Question 2
Which character drifted off "just like the fog on little cat feet"?
Question 3
When Daisy wonders if Aunt Penn has died, Edmond answers:
Question 4
Ding is:
Question 5
What remark from Piper does Daisy refer to as "that old broken record"?
Question 6
Aunt Penn is:
Question 7
Why does Aunt Penn have to go to Oslo?
Question 8
At the end of chapter 4, which character does Daisy refer to as a "scheming harpy"?
Question 9
In Chapter 5, what happens when Daisy is thinking about "almost nothing except that bird"?
Question 10
On the last page, whom does Daisy refer to as a "murderer"?
Short Answer Section
Answer the following questions using Complete Sentences.
Question 11
How does Daisy ruin her wicked stepmother’s alleged plans to poison her?
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Question 12
What is Daisy’s tone (attitude towards a subject) when discussing her stepmother? In other words, how does Daisy feel about Davina?
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Question 13
What does “that old broken record” refer to? (This question is similar to Question 5, above. Remember to use CTRL-F to find text in the story.)
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Question 14
What about Daisy's family situation is similar to Leah's family situation?
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Question 15
Re-read the last paragraph of today's text. What does the word 'they' refer to in the phrase, “and wished they were mine”?
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