TSAF Application
Texas State Assembly Foundation (TSAF) for the Assistance of Surgical Technologists strives to
provide needed assistance during any relevant event or natural disasters.

1. Certified Surgical Technologist whom currently resides in Texas.
2. Active AST member in good standing
3. Has not receive funding from the TSAF within the fiscal year.

Assessment of relevant event or natural disaster:
1. A severe medical condition which requires the CST absence from work for a prolonged
period of time and which results in a substantial loss of income to the Surgical
Technologist because of the exhaustion of all earned sick, vacation and/or
compensatory leave time. A qualifying illness/injury might include, but not limited to,
cancer, major non-elective surgery, serious accident, heart attack, or complications of
pregnancy. In order to be defined as relevant event must be seriously incapacitating, of
extended duration, and require the services of a physician.
2. A natural disaster is a natural event such as a flood, tornado, earthquake, or hurricane
that causes great damage or loss of life.
3. Other qualifying needs as follows, but not limited to:
a. Job loss, not due to termination
b. Unexpected medical expenses necessary to maintain health
c. Sudden unexpected vehicle breakdown or accident
d. Sudden unexpected problem with a major system in an owned home (ie air
conditioner, roof, electrical system)
e. An immediate family member passes away and last minute travel is needed for
f. An immediate family member is ill/injured and unpaid time off work is needed
to provide necessary care
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