AEGIS Demo Feedback
Give us some play-by-play of your recent match(es) so we can make the final game as good as it can be!

** We are actively looking for feedback on specific robots (Commanders, and all robots in the Stellar Ascent and Kickstart Dawn decks), as well as all other feedback from your games.

** Fill out this form as many times as you wish and/or discuss things with us directly on our Discord Channel at

** All questions are OPTIONAL, so if you have a specific point, please feel free to skip the questions you feel are irrelevant.

Name or Nickname
Are you a Kickstarter Backer?
New Players: How easy was AEGIS to learn?
I still don't get it
Understood quickly
How many AEGIS games have you played?
Did you have fun?
Not fun
Lots of fun
Does the game meet your expectations?
Not what I expected
Exactly what I expected
What game modes did you play/how many games?
1 game
2 games
3 games
4+ games
1 vs 1
2 vs 2
5-6 Player game
2-player Point Control
4-player Point Control
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