Parent Needs Assessment
Please take the following survey.
I have students in the following grades (mark all that apply)
The school promotes academic success for all students.
Pawnee Heights keeps me well informed about school activities.
Do you believe that the school breakfast/lunch program provides healthy food choices and the proper nourishment for your student to focus in the classroom.
Pawnee Heights is a safe place for my child.
Teachers at Pawnee Heights communicate with parents about what students are expected to learn in class.
School staff takes parent concerns seriously.
Do you believe that student discipline referrals to administration are handled fairly and equitably?
Do you have knowledge of how bullying issues are handled at school?
Teachers at Pawnee Heights adequately handle discipline in the classroom?
Has Pawnee Heights provided you with adequate information on how to help your student plan for college or vocational school?
My students teacher is knowledgeable of the content he/she teaches.
Do you believe that teachers and guidance services at the school make your student aware of career opportunities and provide direction to prepare for a chosen career?
My student's teacher explains why class topics are important.
My student's teacher helps my child think critically about class content.
Would you welcome strategies or partnerships to become more involved in your child's education?
How do you feel when you attend activities at Pawnee Heights?
Do you feel there is a need for a district provided pre-school?
Do you believe our students are provided with enough opportunities for leadership?
From the list below which do you feel are valuable for students to become more knowledgeable about post-secondary or career opportunities. Check all that apply.
Do you believe that students have access at school to all the technology they need to be successful in their studies.
Do you believe that your child has all the necessary technology at home to be successful in completing all assignments and homework?
Would you or someone you know be willing to share career choices/experiences with the students at our school?
What is a reasonable distance to have high school students travel for a job shadowing experience if they provided their own transportation?
Would you as a parent be in favor of requiring a job shadowing experience in either the summer for incoming juniors and seniors in which they would receive credit in a class in the fall?
Is Pawnee Heights offering enough academically challenging or technical classes to prepare students for college and/or careers?
As a parent or community member would you be willing to be a mentor to students for academic purposes?
Which activities do you regularly do as a family? Mark all that apply.
In addition to the fall parent teacher conferences, would you be in favor of conferences in the spring?
Would you be willing to attend a meet and greet time with your student's teacher(s)?
If you answered yes to the question above what time of day works best for you?
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What do you believe is the greatest strength or advantage of Pawnee Heights?
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What do you feel is Pawnee Heights greatest weakness or need?
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