Clarksdale Municipal School District Comprehensive Needs Assessment 2018-2019
Please complete the following questions about YOUR school. This information will be used in planning for the 2018-2019 school year. Thank you for your assistance in improving your school. If you have any questions about this survey and/or need assistance with completing it, please contact Dr. Manika Kemp, Federal Programs Director, at 662-627-8500. Thank you for you input in improving our school district.
Please identify your child's school: *
Please identify your role: *
School Context and Organization
1. The school's vision and mission are clear and focused on student success. *
I am familiar with the school's goals. *
The school's primary focus is improving student learning. *
School Context and Organization
My school leaders hold themselves accountable for student learning. *
School leaders hold faculty and staff accountable for student learning. *
My school leaders engage effectively with parents. *
My school leaders act with integrity and professionalism. *
At my school, there are positive working relationships among teachers, leaders, and support staff. *
I feel my school leaders care about my child. *
Student Achievement/Curriculum & Instruction
I feel welcome at my child's school. *
Schoolwork is meaningful to my child. *
At my child's school, all cultures, including my own are respected and embraced. *
Teachers use a variety of approaches and activities to help my child learn. *
Teachers use strategies to help low-performing student meet high academic standards. *
In my child's school, students have access to a variety of technology resources. *
In my child's school student have access to a media center and/or library. *
My child enjoys going to school because the classroom activities are interesting and stimulating. *
My school provides high quality support services to students (counseling, referrals, educational, career planning, etc.) *
Our school provides opportunities for students to participate in activities that interest them like dance, music, art, and/or sports. *
My child receives regular feedback about what he/she needs to do to improve academically. *
My child's teachers hold high expectations for student learning. *
My child is challenged to excel at high levels academically. *
My child feels safe at school. *
My child has access to programs designed to help him/her improve academically. *
My child participates in the after-school, Saturday School, and/or Summer School Programs offered by the district. *
My child has benefitted from after school/Saturday School tutoring *
My child's teachers let me know when my child is not doing well academically. *
My child's school provides me information about how to help my child succeed in school. *
My child's school provides opportunities for students to participate in activities that interest them. *
My child's teachers and/or staff help me understand my child's report card. *
My child's teachers and/or staff help me to understand my child statewide test data. *
My child's school has procedures in place to support communication with me on a regular basis. *
My opinions are considered when school decisions are made. *
My child's school provides sufficient opportunities for parent and community involvement. *
My child school provides health services/health fairs for students and parents. *
My child's school provides technology training to parents on a regular basis. *
My child's school provides services for students with disabilities. *
Parent Centers and other educational opportunities are available to provide services to parents and the community. *
I attended the following events provided by my child's school/district. *
The best time for me to attend a school event is... *
I am interested in serving on the Parent Advisory or PTO at my child's school. (Specify Name) *
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Please check the levels where you think Title I instruction should be focused. *
The Title I Programs and activities have helped to improve student achievement. *
The Race to the Top Program and activities have helped to improve student achievement. *
The Magnet School Programs and activities have helped to improve student achievement *
My school provides sufficient opportunities for community involvement. *
Parents and community members' opinions are considered when school decisions are made. *
What aspects of Federal Programs do you feel are most beneficial to students? (Check all that apply.) *
Check the services below that you believe would help students in school. (Check all that apply.) *
Please check the support services you feel would be beneficial for students at your school. *
List strategies that you think would increase parental involvement. *
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How do you think federal dollars should be used to provide a safe, disciplined environment, conducive to teaching and learning at your school? *
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Please make any additional suggestions or comments that would be beneficial to the success of the Federal Programs in your school. *
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