NanoLink 1.0 Tracker Interest Form - Cirrus Lab
Short interest form for a balloon and rocket long range tracker kit. The NanoLink Tracker will include some feaures as a high altitude GPS, dual barometer, long range ISM telemetry (90+Km), dual core controller, rocket apogee determination and staging support (dual MOSFET), IMU, camera support, external temperature and humidity sensor, on-chip flash data logging, wi-fi (for data downloading and configuration), battery monitor, ~31x60x8mm board, <20g weight and more for about $200 to $350 and is expected to be realeased march 2019. Keep in mind that this is just an interest form. By completing you are not buying or guaranteeing any type of purchase of the NanoLink.
For more information please contact:
How many times have you launched a stratospheric balloon?
How many times have you launched a high altitude rocket?
Do you own any sort of radio tracking system (not Spot)?
If "yes" on the last one, is it a:
Have you ever considered buying a tracking system?
Are you interested in the NanoLink system?
Would ou like to receive NanoLink updates? If yes, please enter your e-mail:
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