BNCB Personnel Form
Used for prospective musicians to tell us a bit about yourself and for current musicians to keep our records up to date.

After an initial interview with the director and/or principal player of the section, a potential new musician may be invited to participate in a “provisional musician” status with the band, which can be as short as one rehearsal or indefinite in duration. This provisional period will consist of a predetermined number of rehearsals, after which the director will consult with the principal player of the section as to whether or not this person will be ready to perform in the next scheduled concert. The principal player must, therefore, must become properly acquainted with this potential new member to be able to make a qualified recommendation.

At the first rehearsal of a “provisional musician”, the potential new member must be seated next to the principal player who will determine seating for subsequent rehearsals. That seating will either be next to the principal player or next to the first-chair player of the second or third part (in which case the principal player must first consult this other player before making their recommendation to the director).

At the conclusion of a favorable “provisional musician” period, the potential new musician will receive a letter from the BNCB personnel manager offering said person a seat with the group. If the potential new musician does not meet the needs of the BNCB, he/she will be politely declined via the personnel manager and referred to other community groups in need.
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What is your preferred short notice contact method?
On occasion we have to cancel a rehearsal or concert due to weather or other extenuating circumstances. We need to know the quickest way to get a hold of you in these cases.
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