AvaLingua Exchange Meeting, Sunday the 23rd of February 2020
Hi everyone!

Want to join the AvaLingua Exchange Meeting in ROTTERDAM?
Learn a language, practice with native speakers, have a drink, meet new people, discover other cultures and make friends!

Please fill out this form before Saturday the 22th of February 12:00h. Thanks! After closing application time we will form the groups.

What? Language Exchange Meeting
When? Sunday the 23rd of February 2020, from 19:30 till 21:30
Where? Baek Food & Drinks, Blaak 329, Rotterdam
Costs? € 4 (cash only) + the drinks and food you order

How does it work? After you have filled out this form, we will match you to a group of 2 to 5 people. For one hour you will speak the language that you would like to practice, with a native or advanced speaker. The other hour you will speak your native language, or a language in which you have an advanced proficiency, helping other people. :-)

Important: after we have formed the groups, we will send you a confirmation email. Usually one day before the meeting.

Also important: if you can't be there after all, please tell us in advance, because other participants will be waiting for you during the meeting. If we don't find a good match for you this time, we will try to put you in another group or ask you to join next time.

Why AvaLingua Exchange? Because we love to connect languages, people and cultures! For more information about AvaLingua Exchange check out our website: www.language-exchange.nl.

Looking forward to see you at the meeting!

Emma & Özlem
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