Off-Campus Housing Usability Survey
This is an anonymous survey. Your answers will be used by me, Miles “Bread” Lee, in a Sam Fox class called User Research Methods. I am in the *early* stages of a hypothetical project that involves a peer-reviewed map of off-campus apartments (and other places) near WashU. Please note that beyond taking the 5-minute quiz linked below, you are not obligated to fill out any of these questions. In any case, please do submit this survey. Thanks very much for your time!
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Please click the link below to complete a 5-minute quiz! There are no wrong answers—I’m just trying to gauge your reactions.
If you would like to elaborate on any of your answers for the 5-minute quiz, please do so here.
What’s a feature you would want to see in a peer-reviewed database of apartments (and other locations) around WashU?
Thanks for completing the 5-minute quiz! If you have any notes, comments, suggestions, or questions, please write them here. Have a great day!
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