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Please race through this survey and give the answers that first pop into your head, without overthinking. If you get stuck on a question, just move on. Keep in mind that your answers are totally anonymous, even to our staff.
What is the size of your family? *
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Are you mostly parenting
How often do you feel on the same page with your partner about how to parent?
Which of the following is most true for you regarding connection:
Which choice are you most likely to make when you work through tough stuff with your kids?
What phrase best describes your typical first interaction of each day with your kids.
How would you describe the way you teach and train your kids in life’s important lessons.
From the following list, pick the THREE goals you would say are most important when teaching and training kids?
What kind of words do you first speak when you notice your kids misbehaving?
What is the main type of consequence you use when kids misbehave?
How would your children complete this sentence: “My dad is _____________?” (Choose TWO)
What is the best length for a podcast that addresses the issues this survey raises?
Write a 1-2 sentence answer to the following question: What would you hope to gain from a podcast focused on fatherhood?
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