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Select the Activity, Day, and Time for which you want to volunteer.

If you are unsure which specific activity you want to volunteer for or are open to any activity, simply select "General Duties" and you will be assigned where most needed.

Note: If you need to customize your volunteer time, simply select the time that most closely matches your availability and then go to the "Comment" section and note the actual time you will be volunteering.
Also, if there are any special needs or limitations to your volunteering, please note it in the "Comment" section.
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Hotel @ The Element DFW @ 635 & Beltline (3550 Highway 635, Irving, Tx 75063
Wagon Wheel Tennis Center
General Duties @ Wagon Wheel Tennis Center
Thursday, October 8
Friday, October 9
Saturday, October 10
Sunday, October 11
Minor Volunteers - Under Age 18
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