Labyrinth After-Camp Game Club 2020 (Ages 7+)
June 22 - August 28
Mon - Fri, 3:00pm - 5:30pm
For children aged 7 years and up

Labyrinth is excited to once again offer our popular afternoon summer game club for older children. This daily class is limited to children of ages 7+. (Information about our game club for younger gamers is available here:

Children will play the best non-electronic and modern board games, and develop strategic thinking, logic, math, and emotional skills through fun and exciting gameplay. Each class is hosted by trained staff members. Children will be taught age-appropriate games in a fun environment that emphasizes learning and good sportsmanship.

This class is an excellent option as after-camp coverage for Music on the Hill and Potomac School Camps. If your child is attending Music on the Hill, their staff will bring your child to Labyrinth each afternoon. If your child is attending Potomac School camp, Labyrinth staff can pick them up at the Brent bus stop. Potomac bus pick up is ONLY offered from June 22 to July 31.

In order to sign up for our 2020 After-Camp Game Club, please complete the registration form once for each child attending. The upcoming session will run each weekday from June 22 - August 28, from 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm. We will email you an online invoice prior to the start of After-Camp Club. Payment MUST be received in full by May 26. Failure to pay by the deadline will result in cancellation of the reservation, and no refunds will be issued for any cancellations within one week of the class date.

The cost for the game club is $25/day. "Day-of" registration is possible if space is still available. Please call ahead to confirm availability.
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Requested Dates
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Drop-Off Information
For each week, please indicate how your child will be getting to Labyrinth.

For Potomac School Summer Camp, you must make arrangements with Potomac School for your child to be dropped off at the Brent bus stop, where Labyrinth staff will pick them up. You must notify Potomac School that Labyrinth is authorized to pick up your child from the bus stop for each week that they will be attending after-camp at Labyrinth.

For Music on the Hill Summer Camp, you must make arrangements with the camp to bring your child to Labyrinth for after-camp.

If your child is attending neither of the above camps, you must drop off your child directly at Labyrinth for the after-camp program.
Week 1 (6/22-6/26)
Week 2 (6/29-7/3)
Week 3 (7/6-7/10)
Week 4 (7/13-7/17)
Week 5 (7/20-7/24)
Week 6 (7/27-7/31)
Week 7 (8/3-8/7)
Week 8 (8/10-8/14)
Week 9 (8/17-8/21)
Week 10 (8/24-8/28)
Medical Waiver and Authorization
Should it be necessary for my child to have medical treatment while participating in Labyrinth’s Game Lab, I hereby give Labyrinth Games & Puzzles’ personnel permission to use their judgment in obtaining medical services, and I give permission to the physician selected by Labyrinth’s personnel to render medical treatment deemed necessary and appropriate by the physician. I understand that Labyrinth Games & Puzzles has no insurance covering such medical or hospital costs incurred; therefore, any cost incurred for such treatment shall be my sole responsibility.
Health Insurance *
I acknowledge that my child will participate in playing games and puzzles at Labyrinth Games & Puzzles. I agree to hold Labyrinth Games and Puzzles and its agents blameless in event of accidental injury. I, as well as my child, agree to follow the directions and instructions of Labyrinth Game Club personnel while participating in the camp. I have read and understand the foregoing statement and agree to assume the responsibility stated and waive all claims. I agree not to bring any lawsuit in any form, for any injury, loss or damage occurring in whole or in part as a result of participation.

I have reviewed the information provided to Labyrinth Games and Puzzles and affirm that it is accurate to the best of my knowledge, including any information about allergies or medical conditions that the staff may be required to provide assistance for. I understand that in the event of emergency, Labyrinth may be unable to contact me prior to contacting medical professionals. Therefore, Labyrinth Games and Puzzles has my permission to contact medical professionals as necessary to provide care for the minor referenced above, and I agree to bear all costs associated with such care as may be provided.
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Media Release
I give permission for my child (listed above under "Child's Name"), who will be a participant in Labyrinth Games & Puzzles’ After Camp Game Club to be filmed, photographed, and/or interviewed during the camp session.
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