#100kInterns form for Interns
PLEASE READ BEFORE FILLING, Don't rush.. You can only fill this once so take your time... 
This #100kIntern drive is a non-profit drive, we're not asking you for anything in return and it's not tied to any company.. 

This form is for Interns only.. 
If you're looking for any form of paid tech internship.. We've seen alot of companies ask for social media handlers and other roles so irrespective of your field, feel free to fill the form. 

This is a Non-profit drive organised by @hackSultan on twitter, I'll be dropping more updates on my twitter page so please be sure to check it out.. We also have a public repository of 5000 Interns on my twitter page HERE to show employers that these interns are real.....    Linkedin too at linkedin.com/in/hacksultan

The purpose of this form is to collect structured data so that we can easily pair you with companies.... Once we pair you with a company,  we will email your details to that company to check our your bio, so please make sure any link / resume / profile you share here is correct and up to date... Companies that are interested will reach out to you to setup an interview/test......, Everyone's got just once chance so we would only be pairing you with one company at the beginning..

If a company is hiring 2 people, we will pair them with 4 people to choose from..... This is to reduce workload for us and also to make sure we're able to close all intern roles at just one round of recommendation. So make sure to bring your A game to your interview....

In the resume/cv section, please upload your cv into a google drive and share the link, make sure the drive is available to everyone, so we can easily view your resume without asking for permission.... If you don't know how to do this, google it and watch youtube video before filling this form... Once again, take your time....

When you finish filling this form,  be sure to tweet and post about it and share with others......

Rooting for you!!!!

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