KREIA Yellow Pages Questionnaire
Are you a landlord or rehabber who wants wholesalers to contact you with deals? Are you a wholesaler who wants inquiries from other investors? Do you offer a product or service beneficial to investors, or have a real estate-related side gig, and would appreciate free advertising in the KREIA Member Directory’s Yellow Pages?

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I AM a landlord who would like to be contacted by wholesalers
I AM a rehabber who would like to be contacted by wholesalers
I AM a wholesaler who would like other investors to contact me
I AM an investor-friendly real estate agent
I AM a professional or offer a licensed or certified service:
I AM licensed in my trade:
I MAKE LOANS to investors as a:
I OFFER paid real estate education
As a mentor or coach, or I sell training courses, to other investors
I AM a contractor or provider who would like investors to contact me regarding this service I offer
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