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The CyberGIS Center's training workshop series will get you started in CyberGIS!

Below, please indicate which workshops you will attend. If you need to cancel your registration, please follow the link given when you complete this form to edit your responses.

All workshops are held from 2 PM - 5 PM on Wednesdays at NCSA room 1030 unless otherwise noted. We will notify you of any changes via email.

Please bring a laptop computer to these workshops.
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10/26 - Getting Started with CyberGIS
Introducing the concepts of cyberGIS, with hands on time with the CyberGIS Gateway and ROGER - the first cyberGIS supercomputer.
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11/02 - High Resolution Terrain Analysis
Techniques for processing high-resolution, LiDAR-derived elevation data using GRASS GIS on ROGER. Will use the batch HPC system of ROGER.
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11/09 - R on ROGER
R is a popular statistics and data analytics system. Learn how to leverage parallel processing in R and apply to geospatial problems. Will use Jupyter Notebooks on ROGER.
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11/16 - Geospatial Python *
Introducing useful geospatial libraries for data processing and visualization in Python, as well as parallel processing techniques. Will use Jupyter Notebooks on ROGER.
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