Update your Amel Owner's Registry Listing Permissions
By default, we show the Year, Model, Hull # and Boat Name(s). This form allows the current owner to decide how much information beyond the default to publicize on the Amel Owner's Registry or delete all references to your boat if that is your desire. Your personal information, is your information and we will not publish it without your permission as indicated on this form. If your boat changes ownership, please let us know so we can revert back to the default until the new owner decides how much information they would like to publish. Again, we will not publish anything beyond the year, model, hull number, yacht name(s) without your explicit consent. Please also note that this information is forbidden to be used for any purpose beyond that of the Amel Owner's forum and specifically not for solicitation or mailing lists.

We require your name and email to verify your ownership/brokerage of the boat in question. It will not be published in the registry without your consent. Only the owner(s) and contracted brokers can update the permissions on a specific boat.
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