Bead Shop Hop "Early Bird" Registration 2021
Why Register?
We are working on simplifying the registration process for the Bead Shop Hop.
Registering in advance helps us plan our event.

Hoppers will be able to get their pre-filled in passport fast and will be able to start the event quickly.
Plus, hoppers will keep their passport for a souvenir at the end of the Bead Shop Hop!

The deadline for early bird registration is July 25, 2021.

Do you love that custom charm we make every year? If you register during the early bird registration period, you will get the custom charm in addition to a 2021 charm for this year's Bead Shop Hop. We are only ordering these custom charms for hoppers who have registered during the early bird registration. Don't miss out!

It's very important that you start hopping at your registered starting store.
Your custom charm will be attached to your pre-filled in passport.

***After early bird registration, July 26, 2021***
Bead Shop Hoppers can register for the event but will only receive the 2021 charm.
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