SDCC 2012: Annual Dinner for WHEDONesque-Type Fans

Our yearly dinner on Preview Night, which is Wednesday, July 11. You do not need to be a member of WHEDONesque, hence the "-Type" part. It's just that the core group tends to know each other from there.

Dinner is planned to begin at 5:00 PM, in case some people would like to hit dinner for a bit and then head to Preview Night itself.

Buca di Beppo is located at 705 6th Avenue, which is the corner of 6th Ave and G St.

This form is to express your interest in attending so a reservation can be made. You can indicate "yes" or "maybe", but if you're a "no", well, there's no need to fill this out.

If you need to change your response, tell The One True b!X (via theonetruebix on Gmail or Twitter) and he will make the necessary update.

PLEASE RSVP BY JULY 8 SO THE RESERVATION CAN BE FINALIZED. A preliminary reservation will be made before this.

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