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The Diamond State PTA Unit is a statewide PTA unit for those that wish to support PTA but may not have a student in a PTA school. Even though the membership is a full membership, with all rights and privileges, Arkansas PTA donates the entire $5.00 membership fee to the PTA Scholarship Fund to support the scholarships of high school seniors and parents entering the educational field and teachers working on graduate degrees.

Many people in Arkansas want to join a PTA in Arkansas, but they may not live in a part of the state that has a local PTA unit. This is especially true for out of town dignitaries and state level politicians. Therefore, Arkansas PTA has created an active PTA unit called the “Diamond State PTA”. This PTA unit is considered more of a state level PTA unit. It’s not associated one specific school or city. Please consider joining the state level Diamond State PTA.
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