KKD Karaoke Gong Show Signups (@Fanime 2016)
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This is for your REAL NAME(S) only. Not your fandom/stage name. If you are a group, please separate your entries with commas. (Helpers and "prop" people constituting a part of your act are considered part of a group.)
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Optional: What name would you like us to announce you as?
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Is your act a solo act, or is this a group entry?
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What song will you be performing? (You can change this at the convention by talking to our staff.)
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If you are using a song from the KKD database (http://anime-karaoke.com), please provide the ID here. If you are providing your own music on a CD or USB flash drive, please write either "CD" or "USB" in the space below.
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Brief Description of Act *
The Gong Show is a novelty skit show. Please provide us with a brief description of your act for staff approval. Include any props, costume elements, or other concepts you plan to bring with you. Our staff will reach out if there is a problem with your proposal.
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