Parents of GMU Students: Non-Donation Pledge
By signing this pledge, I agree to withhold donations to George Mason University, the George Mason University Foundation, and other Mason affiliates until the demands put forth by the student body are met. These demands are as follows:

1. Terminate AND void ALL contracts and affiliation with Brett Kavanaugh at George Mason University.
2. Hold a Town Hall to discuss Kavanaugh’s hiring and implications for students and the university including a public comment section. All students must be informed through their MasonLive email, once, by April 25th 2019.
3. Title IX policy reform: Increase the number of Title IX officers to the proportion of students at the University.
a. Ensure all syllabi include ALL sexual violence resources offered (CAPS, SSAC, hotlines, etc.)
b. Ensure that any student reporting sexual misconduct in their residence hall has the right to relocate within a month to other on campus housing, free of charge.
4. Ensure that the Board of Visitors and Faculty Senate pass and implement a Gift Acceptance Policy in order to prevent outside donor influence by May 2nd 2019.
5. Better resources for students:
a. Hire an on-campus sexual assault examiner nurse(s)
b. Hire a sufficient number of full time clinicians at CAPS in accordance to International Association of Counseling Services guidelines (IACS)
c. Ensure that students have free access to rape kits. Including but not limited to transportation to facilities.
6. Police Reform:
a. Hire an on-campus 24/7 Mason PD Sexual Assault Coordinator
b. Require that police inform survivors of their right to free peer advocate from SSAC
c. Require all incidents of sexual harassment and violence be reported within 30 days to students
d. Require all Mason PD officers and cadets undergo comprehensive, trauma-informed sexual violence training
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