MazeCoin Airdrop Form
Time Airdrop Opens: 13:00 PM GMT+2, Thursday, 02th of June, 2021
Time Airdrop Closes: 13:00 PM GMT+2, Thursday 31th of June, 2021

MazeCoin is the only coin for a cryptocurrency only nightclub. A nightclub where fiat currency isn't eligible - the only usable currency is MazeCoin.

Welcome! Thank you for joining our community Airdrop!

Please fill this form correctly to join.
List of successful airdrop addresses will be announced on June 24, 2021 at 14:00 PM GMT+2.

Total max airdrop amount: 100.000 MazeCoins (Total supply only 10.000.000 MazeCoins)
Total amount of MazeCoins you can get in this airdrop: 500 MazeCoins

High chance for many fold increase in price soon! (We will get listed on VinDAX exchange soon)
Right now, MazeCoin is only purchasable from Pancakeswap, and has only been bought by close friends and family.

Answer all the questions below and make sure all steps are followed.

1. Join our community telegram group. 

2. Follow @Coin_maze on Twitter.

3. Like & Retweet the pinned tweet on the MazeCoin Twitter account.

Make sure you include the hashtags #Airdrop #MazeCoin and tag 3 friends.

4. Fill this form.

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What is your BEP-20 address? No exchange wallets (Binance, Coinbase), personal MetaMask wallet address is ideal. (Remember to add Binance Smart Chain network and MazeCoin token) *
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