24 Hour Play Festival Participant Form
Event Timing: November 19th-20th, 2021
Event Address: 105 Division Street, West Harwich, MA 02671
Contact us at matt@capecodtheatrecompany.org

This Fall, CCTC|HJT is proud to be producing a 24 Hour Play Festival! We’re calling for any and all experience levels of writers, directors, and actors to come and take part in this exciting 24 hour event! All plays will be no more than 10 minutes in length and completely written, rehearsed, and performed within the span of only 24 hours! This is a great chance to come flex your artistic muscles or try your hand at something new! Check out more info, including a detailed breakdown of the process below!


Write, rehearse, and perform 4 - 6 ten min. theatre pieces within 24 hours.


Cape Cod Theatre Company|Harwich Junior Theater,
105 Division Street, West Harwich, MA

8PM Friday 11/19/21 - 8PM Saturday 11/20/21


Writers (4-6): will create a ten-minute play throughout the span of 12 hours. Their play will be handed off to a director after the 12 hours and performed later that evening. The writers have free-range to create their story throughout the night but the story MUST be written within the 12 hours. No previous work can be re-written.

Directors (4-6): will read and choose from the written plays. Once their plays have been chosen, they will break off into their casts and rehearse throughout the day working to bring the writers’ visions to life. The directors CANNOT be in their ten-minute plays. The plays will be presented in the evening.

Actors (30 max): actors are chosen by the writers on Friday evening and will have their parts written specifically for them. They will be directed throughout the day and work to memorize all of their lines to bring the writers’ AND directors’ visions to the stage. Once a performer has committed to this and been cast in a piece, they cannot back out of a role. They will perform to the best of their abilities along with the support of their scene partners, director, writer, and the rest of the festival.

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