Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief Collegiate Internship
Please read carefully and complete the entire application. The application can be rather lengthy, as we ask some in-depth questions about your life and faith. It would be wise to set aside 45 minutes to complete. This site will not save your answers, so we recommend that you write your answers elsewhere and paste them in the boxes.
Application Due: Early Bird- January 1st, 2021/ Last Chance- April 1st, 2021

The purpose of this internship is to mentor students in being the hands and feet of Jesus; bringing Hope, Help, and Healing.

As a part of the Collegiate Disaster Relief Team, you will serve a ten-week term beginning May 31, 2021 and ending August 6, 2021. Disasters never come on a schedule, so you will need to be flexible and serve how and where you are directed.


Maddy Atwell
Collegiate Disaster Relief Coordinator
(660) 541-0907
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If yes, please provide type of training, date, and location. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED. We will train students over the summer, but we would like to know if we have past trainees.
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If yes, please list when and where.
Briefly describe who Jesus is to you. *
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Please summarize your church experience and involvement, including involvement with other Christian ministries.
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What do you think are your spiritual gifts? *
If you are unsure, please go ahead and take this assessment to help us get a rough idea. https://mintools.com/spiritual-gifts-test.htm
Why would you like to partake in this internship? *
What do you see as your three greatest strengths? Why? What do you see as your three greatest weaknesses? Why? *
Do you think that you can perform the necessary tasks for this internship both physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? Why? *
What are your personal expectations for this summer? *
How does your family feel about you applying for this project? *
What are the most significant events that have occurred in your life in the past two years? *
Have you been involved with any of the following within the past year? *
If yes, please explain. *
Have you ever been convicted of committing a crime? If yes, please explain. *
Please read our Faith and Message and describe if you agree with the doctrine. Or describe if there are beliefs you cannot affirm. You can find the document at http://www.sbc.net/bfm2000/bfm2000.asp *
As a paid student intern of the Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief organization, do you understand that you are required to abstain from vulgar speech, alcohol, illegal drugs, sexual activity, and criminal activity during the entirety of this program? *
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