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Experience vs Interest
Let us know of your prior exposure and desire to learn more about each of the fields listed below. If you've read a lot about the subject matter before, had extra-curricular classes that covered that topic, then check "experienced." If you're strongly interested in learning more about that area, check "Interested." It's OK to check only one or the other or both, just make an honest assessment on where you are now.
Human Biology
Building motorized cars
Building structures that support weight
Forensic science (CSI)
Diseases and epidemics
Density of solids, liquids and gases
Building paper or wood planes
Writing experiments to test a hypothesis
Programming a game in Scratch
Heredity and genetics
Reptiles and amphibians
Weather and climate
Building makeshift structures quickly
Reading and interpreting all kinds of maps
Chemistry of liquids and poisons
Building Rube-Goldberg machines
Electric circuits
Solar system
Thermodynamics and heat transfer
Building things from written instructions
Ecology and water quality
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What science-related activities have you participated in before? May include hobbies, after-school classes, summer camps.
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What other activities do you plan to do this school year?
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