Survey: Guardianships and Care Facilities under COVID-19
As our nation fights the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the people most vulnerable have been our elderly in convalescent care facilities.  

Wards under guardianship are sometimes moved out of an existing living environment and placed into one of these facilities.  We are interested if the health and well being of your loved one has been put at risk due to the actions of a professional guardian or if an Emergency guardianship has been enacted during COVID-19 restrictions.  
COVID-19 and Care Facilities:

Even if your loved one is not under a guardianship, we still encourage you to fill out the survey to provide us with information about care facilities and their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some questions have an "Other" option that allows you to enter a response that is not already provided.  Please try to keep these entry's brief.  Provide additional information in additional comment fields if needed.

After you enter the information and questions below, please press SUBMIT.  


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1. Is your loved one under Guardianship?
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2. Was the guardianship enacted as an Emergency guardianship while under COVID-19 restrictions?
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3.  What state was guardianship/conservatorship ordered in?
4. What county was guardianship/conservatorship ordered in?
Please type full county name and do not abbreviate.  Example: Red Lake; If other US territory, enter territory name here.  Example: Porto Rico
5.  Was your loved one moved to a care facility by the guardian?
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6. Was the move against the wishes of your loved one or their family?
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7. Was the move done in the best interests of your loved one?
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8. Describe type of care facility:
If care facility does not match current options or if you would like to provide additional details, Enter additional care facility information below.
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Additional details about care facility:
9.  What state is the care facility located in?
10. What county is the care facility located in?
Please type full county name and do not abbreviate.  If other US territory, enter territory name here.  Example: Red Lake
11. What city is the care facility is located in?
12. Does your state/city provide disclosure of facilities with COVID-19 exposure?
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13. Name of care facility:
14. Number of residents in facility:
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15.  How would you rate the overall level of care at the facility.
Please rate the overall experience with the facility.  Enter 5 for neutral or no opinion.
Bad – Facility provides substandard overall care.
Great – Facility provides excellent overall care
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16. Does the facility communicate about residents with COVID-19 infections?
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17. Has the facility had residents with COVID-19 infections?
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18. Have residents in the facility been hospitalized due to COVID-19 infections?
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19. Have residents in the facility passed away due to COVID-19 infections?
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20. Does the facility communicate about staff with COVID-19 infections?
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21. Has the facility had staff with COVID-19 Infections?
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22. Does the facility communicate about the status of your loved one?
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23. Has your loved one's health been affected by the COVID-19 virus?
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24. Does you loved one need to share room or bath facilities with other residents.
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25. Has the facility taken preventative measures?
26. If visitor restrictions are in place, has the facility been supportive to help you communicate with loved one and make them feel less isolated.
27. Have you tried filing a complaint about the facility?
28. Provide any additional comments  or concerns related to COVID-19, the care facility or how this has affected your loved one.
If you have any additional information that you would like to provide about the care facility, or if you have any feedback or suggestions on this survey, you can add additional comments or information below.
29.  Name of loved one: *
30.  Your name: *
31. Your E-Mail address: *
32. Your mailing address:
33. Your phone number:
34. Would you be willing to help advocate for guardianship reform?
35. Would you be willing to take our guardianship survey?
We also have a comprehensive survey about guardianship/conservatorship. If you have a loved one under guardianship, we would like to encourage you to take this survey.  The information you provide is very valuable in helping us show problems in the guardianship system and how it affects the lives of those it is supposed to protect.   Your personal contact information entered above will not be saved with the survey data.  
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Additional Resources on Guardianship/Conservatorship:
This survey has been developed in cooperation with the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse (NASGA).

The following web site provides useful information on problems with the guardianship/conservatorship industry.  

The NASGA web site contains many stories of seniors and their families who have been affected by guardianship abuse.  If you want to share your experience, we encourage you to join NASGA and add your story.  

Taking our Guardianship Survey ...
If you have agreed to take our survey guardianship/conservatorship we want to thank you.   After you press SUBMIT below, You will receive an e-mail at the address above with a personalized link to our survey.

Please be sure that you press SUBMIT at the end of the survey to save your results.  

After submitting your survey, you receive an updated link which can be used to return to your survey entry and answer additional questions or update answers.

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