School Portrait Text/Email Registration Form
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Who should fill this out?
1) If your child attends a pre-school (data does not roll over year to year for preschools and needs to be entered every year)
2) If we are new to your school and we have never photographed your child before. Please fill this out once for each child.
3) If your child is new at a school we have photographed before.Please fill this out once for each child.
4) If you have never purchased any photographs from us previously but wish to see future proofs sent to you digitally. Please fill this out once for each child.
5) If we have photographed your child before, but they are now attending a different/new school. Please fill this out once for each child.
6) Your information that we have has changed since last registering or placing your order. Please fill this out once for each child.

Who does not need to fill this out?
1) If your child is returning this year to the same school (non preschool) as last year and you have either placed an order with us in the past or previously registered them on this site. There is no need to fill this form out as we then already have your data that matches with their student ID number.

Please fill out this form ONCE PER CHILD to be notified electronically when your child's portraits are ready to view along with their password. Please note that once you fill this out for each student, you should not need to fill it out again as the phone and email should stay with your child's data in our system until they leave that school. We recommend filling out both email and phone number fields.

NOTICE: If you fill this out AFTER portrait day at your school has passed, your information may not be entered for digital notification prior to delivery of this years fall portraits, but will be updated for the next season. If your school provides us with email information (only some private schools provide this), note that their provided email address will be the one used even if you supply one below, although we can still deliver your text to the number you provide.

We respect your phone and inbox. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to receive both text and email communication from us regarding your child's school portraits. This typically consists of a handful of texts (5-10 a year) of things such as a reminder of portrait day, your password for viewing, a reminder of order due date, class photo reminder, and possibly 2-3 other texts throughout the year photo related based on your schools events. You may opt out at anytime by replying STOP to one of our texts. You may opt out of any emails using the opt out link at the bottom of any of our emails.
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Phone number
Please enter the phone number you wish to receive a text notification regarding your child's portraits. *-Standard text/data message fees from your carrier may apply.
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Email Address *
Please enter the email address you wish to receive an email with notification regarding your child's portraits and their passwords. *-Standard text/data message fees from your carrier may apply.
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Does your child possibly have any other names their data may be entered at the school? If so enter them here (leave blank if no)
Sometimes the data at the school may have a more official name (Charles, Charlie, William, Billy, etc or have a hyphenated last name like Jones-Martinez, etc). If so please put other names here for us to search for if we can't find the one you supplied earlier.
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