2020 New Years Tournament Team Registration
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Team grade. You cannot play down a grade. Meaning a 9th grade team or a 10th Grade/JV team could not play down in the 8th grade or Freshman divisions respectively. If half of your team is older, then you must play up in their grade/level. *
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Which competitive division will you play in? For grades 3-9, each grade is divided into two divisions. It is comparable to where you would compete in Salt Lake County Super League. For high school teams there is only 1 division per level *
This form is to register your team for the KMTC New Years Eve Tournament. Due to COVID-19, there is a chance that all tournaments and leagues will be canceled. Submitting this form will guarantee your spot in the league in this case you will be refunded. Should the league be canceled, you will not be charged. If you wish to cancel your registration and withdraw from the league before your card is charged, we must receive a formal request via email at karlmalonetrainingcenter@gmail.com . By clicking submit at the end of this form, you agree to these terms.
Please Pay the Tournament Fee through Venmo @kmtcenter please leave the Venmo handle you paid with. (Tournament fee is $425) *
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