Podium Endurance Athlete Assessment
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How many years have you been cycling or racing?
What areas of cycling/racing do you consider strengths?
What areas of cycling/racing do you consider weaknesses?
What are your long term goals and to what level of racing to aspire?
What are your short term goals? What do you want to accomplish this and next season?
What are your priority events or goals? (Full list)
Describe your training over the past 3 months and if you use a heart rate monitor and/or power meter
Describe your current schedule and the times that are particularly convenient for you to workout 
How many weekly hours do you have to train? Be realistic 
What other athletic activities do you like to do?
What are your training environment like? Hills, flat, weather, traffic, etc.
What is your knowledge of nutrition? (On and off the bike)
List any past or current injuries and any limitations you currently have 
Have you worked with a coach before? If so, please describe  (include likes/dislikes)
What expectations/desires do you have from your coach? What do you want to get out of the  coach/athlete relationship?
What coaching level are you interested? (Monthly) - See website for levels  *
Are you committed to working with a coach year round?
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