survey on low-budget airlines in Europe
Hello we are design students from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada working on an experience design project. Through the survey we are interested to understand customer’s value and experience of low-budget airlines in Europe, mainly focusing on easyJet.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the following questions.

*Data and information collected will remain anonymous, and would only be applied to the purpose of this academic project.

Please fill in the survey considering your experience prior to COVID-19.
How old are you? *
Where do you live? *
What is most valuable to you when purchasing an airline ticket? *
Who do you usually travel with when traveling with low-budget airline? *
Which of the low-budget airline have you flew with in the past? Select all that applies. *
Have you downloaded an app(s) from the above airlines? Select all that applies. *
Have you flew with easyJet before? *
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