KIUMC Adult Bible Study Survey
Thank you for taking the time to complete this 8-10 minute survey. Your answers will be completely anonymous, unless you choose to include your name. We will use the results to determine how we can help adult congregants meet their Bible study needs. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Brenda Faulkner at 410-739-4547.
1. How much importance do you place on Bible study? (choose one)
2. During the past two years, have you taken part in Bible study groups as a participant or leader? (check all that apply)
3. During the past year, about how often, if at all, did you do any type of individual Bible study? [Here are just a few examples of individual Bible study activities: reading the Bible; Biblical-based devotionals or study materials; listening to or viewing media-based Bible study materials, (e.g. online, DVD, radio, TV.)] (choose one)
4. Which of the following best describes your preferred Bible study approach? (choose one)
5. This question helps us understand what discourages or prevents KIUMC congregants from participating in group Bible studies. So please tell us how much an obstacle, if at all, were each of the following to your participation in KIUMC group Bible study during the past year. Check one for each.
Great Obstacle
Moderate Obstacle
Little or No Ocstacle
I did not have enough information about KIUMC Bible study
I did not have time to devote to it
Work schedule conflicts
Family responsibilities
Childcare issues
No groups tailored for individuals my age
No groups tailored for individuals of my gender
The topics were not of interest to me
Day/Time of Study not convenient for me
6. How much interest, if any, do you have in the following Bible study topics? (Check one for each)
Great Interest
Moderate Interest
Little, or No Interest
Beginners guide to studying the Bible
Biblical perspectives on contemporary issues
Christian parenting/support
Christian marriage building
Living out my Christian faith everyday
Understanding and employing spiritual gifts
In-depth Bible study
Basic Christian beliefs
Prayer- Understanding its purpose; using prayer to know God and grow in faith and spiritual maturity
Spiritual Disciplines - Practices and strategies that result in spiritual growth, strength and maturity
Leadership in all areas of my life - according to Biblical principles
Managing my finances according to Biblical principles
7. Are you interested in participating in group Bible study at KIUMC? (Check One)
8. Which of the following methods/approaches would you prefer in the conduct of group Bible study? (Check all that reflect your preference)
9. Please indicate your preference for group Bible study meeting times. (Check one for each meeting time.)
Best for me
Possibility for me
Not possible for me
Sunday mornings
Sunday evenings
Weekday mornings
Monday evenings
Tuesday evenings
Wednesday evenings
Thursday evenings
Saturday mornings
Saturday evenings
10. Please indicate your preferences concerning the length of each group Bible study meeting. (Check one for each length of time.)
Best for me
Possibility for me
Not possible for me
1 hour
1.5 hours
2 hours
2 hours or longer
11. Please indicate your preference in terms of the number of weekly sessions that should be included in a Bible study. (Check all that reflect your preferences)
12. Please indicate your preferences for where group Bible study sessions should be held. (check all that reflect your preferences)
13. Are you aware of the following programs?
Wednesday Connections Dinner
Wednesday Kids Club
13. Gender:
14. Age Group
15. Do you have children under 18 years old living in your home?
16. Are you interested in leading a Bible study?
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