University of Agder tools order form
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Note: If you need a git repository for a personal project not part of a course you don't have to use this form, you can create one yourself under your profile in Bitbucket:
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Course code from Canvas *
Which course is this project part of? Example course id: DAT220G18H. Use PROJECTS for projects not part of a course. "H" is for høst (autumn) and "V" is for vår (spring), "G" is for Grimstad and "K" is for Kristiansand.
Project name *
What is the full name of the project? Be specific. "bachelor" or "my project" is not enough to uniquely identify your project. Come up with a code name if you don't have a real project name yet. If I get multiple projects with the same name I will make up a lame name for you. You have been warned :P
Project key *
Used in issue names and URLs. Uppercase and numbers only. Unique for your project. Example: Project "Purple Rain" could use the key "PURAIN".
Tool selection *
Choose which tools you would like to use in your project. If you're ordering Jira, pick Kanban or Scrum, not both. Kanban is recommended for beginners and small projects, Scrum for bigger projects.
Project admin *
Project admin's current UiA username. This is usually you. Example: olanor06
Project users
Comma separated list of usernames that should have regular user access to the project.
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