2020 Nomination form to be a Standing Member of the Open Repositories Steering Committee
Please submit details as requested below. Self nominations are acceptable. Please see https://wiki.lyrasis.org/display/or11/Membership+Policy
for more information about the responsibilities of an ORSC standing member and process.
Name of nominee *
Name and affiliation of nominator
Please include your name and affiliation if you are nominating someone else.
Nominee has been consulted
Ideally the nominee should be aware of and positive to the nomination. Please indicate here whether or not this is the case.
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OR conferences attended *
Please indicate either by year or venue, which OR conferences the nominee have previously attended.
Statement of interest *
Why the nominee wants to join the Steering Committee.
Statement of qualifications *
What specific experiences the nominee would bring to the Steering Committee. Please reference experience with the Open Repositories conference and their broader experience with the repository community.
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