Sign up for GWiSE's 2021 - 2022 Executive Board!
This form is for anyone who is interested in joining the executive board for the coming academic year. At this point we are gauging interest in each role and nothing will be decided until end April. New eboard members will be appointed in May 2021.

Please keep in mind that no position is guaranteed and the executive board will be decided upon in what satisfies the most people and fills all the roles. That said, we have in the past divided and swapped tasks between roles to help the executive board run smoothly. Our main goal is to find a functioning eboard.

President - 1 person
Leads the group during meetings and makes executive decisions for the betterment of the group. Coordinates other executive board members in their tasks. Meets with SBU officials for funding and co-hosting opportunities. Must have previous experience on our eboard.

Vice President - 1 person
Assists the president as needed. When the president is not available, the VP will lead meetings and make decisions for the group. The vice president re-registers the group each year with a large fall application and a small spring application.

Secretary - 1 person
Works with the president to schedule monthly eboard meetings, create agenda, and keep meeting minutes. Agendas and minutes are distributed to entire eboard.

Treasurer - 1 person
Keeps the group's budget, meets with GSO (semi-monthly) to secure funding for individual events/purchases, handles all reimbursements between the group members and GSO in a timely fashion. For individual events the treasurer is in charge of ensuring we do not go over budget or purchase items that cannot be reimbursed.

Event Coordinators - 1-2 people
Books rooms on 25Live, handles event paperwork with SB Engaged, and meets with Campus Activities to finalize plans. Often orders food both on and off campus. Serves as a liaison with guest speakers. Makes flyers for advertising events (shared with tech coordinators). Tasks are split between multiple people.

Technical Coordinators - 1-2 people
Runs Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by making posts (3 times per week at a minimum) and advertising/promoting events. Runs Google Groups by adding new members and making and distributing the monthly newsletter which contains flyers for events and the monthly Scientist of the Month. Updates Makes flyers for advertising events (shared with event coordinators). Tasks are split between multiple people.

Website and Blog Administrator - 1 person
Maintains the website and blog by writing blog posts and advertising events. Creates monthly scientist of the month post (this can be delegated). Serves as editor to posts made by general members.

WISE Mentorship Coordinator - 1 Person
Works with the WISE group on campus to match graduate students with undergrads participating in WISE.

External Affairs - 1 person
Coordinates with outside persons (guest speakers, panelists, etc.) and groups (BWIS, CHSL WISE, etc.) for events.
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