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YES! We are operating as usual during the covid-19 lockdown.
Use this form to purchase fresh super 8 stock.
All stock comes as a 50' (15m) cartridge with running time of 3 minutes 20 seconds at 18 fps.
3 rolls will give 10 minutes of footage.
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Kodak Vision3 Colour Negative Film 50D/7203. $42 per roll. Our most popular stock. Use outdoors during daylight hours in any super 8 camera. Negative films are not suitable for projection, and require a digital transfer.
Kodak Vision3 Colour Negative Film 200T/7213. $42 per roll. Suitable for use indoors with very strong artificial lighting (tungsten balanced), or outdoors with your camera's built-in 85 filter. Not suitable for projection, requires digital transfer.
Kodak Vision3 Colour Negative Film 500T/7219. $42 per roll. Highest speed (most light sensitivity), for low (artificial) light situations indoors, or outdoors at night. Not suitable for projection, will require a digital transfer.
Kodak Black and White Tri-x 7266. $42 per roll. A good speed film yielding lovely black and white results. Shoot indoors with good light or outdoors (no filter required). Requires accurate exposures. Note: nanolab now develops this film as a negative, not as a positive. This yields greater exposure latitude (and a little more grain). If you need it developed as a positive for projection in a traditional film projector, contact us for advice.
Ektachrome 7294 - back in stock in October
Kodak Ektachrome Colour Reversal film 100D/7294. Noticeably more expensive at $70. Yields a projection ready positive result, beautiful to behold. Requires perfectly accurate exposures for best results. Processing of this stock is infrequent - you might have to wait a month or even longer. Can be transferred to digital, but better results will be had with the negative stocks.
Zinc - Air light meter batteries
$10 each, Zinc - Air batteries are replacements for mercury light meter batteries. These PX625/PX13 batteries are little button cells the size of a small coin. Only a few cameras need these. Other replacements are available, but have the wrong voltage, causing many light meters to behave erratically.
Postage options
Within Australia express post takes 1-3 days, while normal post has no time guarantee. Normal post is $9 for 1 to 8 rolls or $13 for more than 8 rolls. Express post costs $12 for 1 to 8 rolls, $17 for 8 to 12 rolls and $26 for more than 12. Signature on delivery can be added to express post for $3 ($15/$20/$29). Minimum international post is $13 to NZ and $17 to Asia.
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