#LoveLaneBiz Customer Pledge
I pledge to shop local – In a time when it is hard to know what to do to help our community, we can all help by doing our best to buy products and services from local businesses to help support jobs and wages for fellow community members.

I pledge to have patience – Businesses may choose not to reopen immediately and that's okay. Each business is unique and is addressing how best to operate their business in a safe and successful manner. Adjusting to customer spacing and service delivery will require all of us to be prepared to modify our expectations. Our businesses strive to provide great experiences and attaining the high standards these businesses are used to providing will take time to be realized.

I pledge to be respectful – Employees are being asked to serve us in new ways and they will need time to adjust. We can support them during this transition and realize they are being placed at higher risk to serve us. Thank them and be generous with tipping to show them they are appreciated. If you believe an employee or establishment is not in compliance with the required guidelines, have a conversation with the owner rather than using other channels to voice your perceived shortcomings.

I pledge to exercise thoughtfulness – Acceptance, and adherence to safety requirements will vary by business and we can help businesses be successful by being thoughtful and be wearing face-covering where required, staying home if we are sick and following all suggested hygiene protocols.

I pledge to stay informed – Throughout this situation, we have seen that things can change rapidly. We pledge to stay informed of and implement any new requirements or requests that may arise in the days, weeks, and months to come.
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