One Day Workshop on Questionnaire Design
Speaker ›› Professor Dr. Juhana Salim
Medium ›› English
Venue ›› MPWS Training Centre # map
Date ›› 29 December 2018 (Saturday)
Time ›› 8:30am – 5:30pm
Overview of the workshop
Questionnaires are the most widely used data collection methods in educational research. The principles for designing a questionnaire or an interview schedule are quite straight forward but they do require careful consideration.Systematic development of questionnaires focusing on a well-crafted conceptualization of the content and transformation of the content into questions is inessential to minimize measurement error--questionnaire content, questionnaire design and format, and respondent.

This workshop describes the process for developing and testing questionnaires and posits five steps to develop a valid and reliable questionnaire to enhance the quality of research:

1. Research background
2. Questionnaire conceptualization
3. Format and data analysis
4. Establishing validity
5. Establishing reliability.

In the questionnaire conceptualization step, emphasis is given on the procedure of operationalization using Lazarsfeld's scheme for measuring concepts. Following these five steps in questionnaire development and testing will enhance data quality and utilization of research.

Thus, this workshop gives careful attention to detail and understanding of the process involved in developing a questionnaire realising the fact that failure to following appropriate and systematic procedures in questionnaire development, testing, and evaluation may undermine the quality and utilization of data.

Speaker Profile
Professor Dr. Juhana Salim
Juhana Salim is formerly a Professor in Knowledge Technology, Centre of Artificial Intelligence, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). She was the Head of the Information Science Department, FTSM and Head of the Strategic Information System Research Group in UKM and Deputy Directory of the Centre of Innovative Collaboration, UKM. She has a Doctorate of Philosophy (Information Science- UKM 2000), Masters in Science in Librarianship (WMU 1982), Bachelor of Arts (WMU 1981). Her research areas are: Information skills, Information Organization and Knowledge Management. She had conducted more than 100 workshops on Doing Literature review incorporating critical thinking skills and mapping and analyzing ideas, Questionnaire Design and Problem Identification. She co-authored 2 books entitled: Information Organization and Information & Communication Skills. Her contributions in her field of interest received recognition at national and international level when she was awarded with Excellent Service Award in 1987, 2005 and 2008 and Excellent Teaching Award in April 2010, World Inventor (Seoul 2012) and Genius Inventor Award (Seoul 2012). She had successfully supervised 9 masters students and 16 PhD students, out of which 13 (PhD) graduated on time.
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