Fan Painting & Fan Fair, Thursday, May 30th REGISTRATION FORM
Activities: Fan Painting & Fan Fair
Date & Time: Thursday, May 30th , 6:00-8:30pm
Address: Elting Memorial Library, 93 Main Street,New Paltz, NY

Registration is necessary prior to the date. The event may be filmed/photographed.
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2. Would any of you be a performer in a improvisational performance in the Fan Fair? After you decorate your fan, you will decide to be an audience member, or take part in a performance, or do all at the end of the Fan Fair. We encourage you to fully embrace the experience. In the past, participants have read poems, sang, or even danced. Each act should be less than 3 minutes, since we will give time to each performance group, and our cheerleaders too! * *
3. Pick up your fan. You may either take the fan with you after you finish participating in the Fan Fair or have it shown in the October exhibition at the Elting Memorial Library for free. Your display will support and bring attention to this community oriented activity via the exhibition. If you choose to have it shown, we will tell you the dates to pick it up after the exhibition closes. Please let us know either you prefer to get the “pick up your fan date” note via your email or cell phone text message. *
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