LSJ 401 Internship Contract
LSJ Majors Only

Please complete the following form to enroll in LSJ 401. A letter from your site supervisor is required to enroll you in LSJ 401. Please upload a letter from your site supervisor at the end of this form.

Students must enroll in LSJ 401 either 1) in the same quarter as the completion of the internship or 2) a maximum of one quarter after completion of the internship. The LSJ Adviser must give approval for non-current enrollment prior to the beginning of the internship. Retroactive credit is not granted for internships completed more than a quarter before completion of LSJ 401.

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Internship Information
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Reflection Questions
Your answers to these questions will help us determine if your internship site will satisfy the LSJ 401 requirement.
How will your internship broaden your understanding of the multiple forms and functions of law and other systems of regulation? *
How will your internship help deepen your understanding of the significance of human rights in shaping contemporary legal discourse and institutions? *
How is the work you will be doing moving towards equity in marginalized communities? *
How does this internship align with your future goals? *
Site Supervisor Letter
Please upload a letter from your site supervisor that includes the following information: your name, nature of your internship, specific job duties, hours, duration, etc.
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