Calling Musicians- tell us about your availability! World Music Month, City of Palo Alto, June 2021
Hello! We are so grateful for the 50+ responses we received from musicians who have participant in Palo Alto's World Music Day in past years. Thank you for expressing your interest in being part of this popular event organized by the nonprofit Palo Alto Recreation Foundation (PARF).

Please fill out the survey below to receive more details from you to help us plan World Music Month this year. In consideration of the safety guidelines during COVID-19 we request the information below from you to help plan the event!

In discussion with Palo Alto city officials and staff, local businesses and representatives from the musicians, The Palo Alto Recreation Foundation plans to move forward with the following format:
1. Spread the event out over four weekends in June
2. Designated outdoor areas for performance, on popular downtown streets including University Ave and California Ave in Palo Alto, no stage or highly amplified music.
4. Strict protocols to protect the health and safety of our musicians will be followed by encouraging the public to enjoy music from a distance while they patron restaurants nearby.
5. Musicians are welcome to sell merchandise and invite tips from public. Musicians are also requested to work in partnership with restaurants near by to adjust sound levels!

Please note that this is not a normal "world music day" situation, there will be a preference for groups and music compatible with ongoing use of the street (dining, shopping). This year, the focus is on supporting local business and inviting live music back in our community! We want to recognize that this may require some adjustments to your normal setup and happy to share more details with you.

Your input is important please take a few minutes to send us your feedback to help us plan out the event! We will reach back out to you by mid-May with some specific options once we review all the responses.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions, suggestions via email
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Which of the following dates/times work best for you to perform in World Music Month? Please note that at this time we are simply requesting information about your availability, we are not guaranteeing or confirming any of these dates for performances. *
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Please describe the ideal location for your set up. Approximately how much space will you need? Do you have a preference of street vs sidewalk? Any other needs from the location that we can take into consideration? *
Tell us a little more about much time it will take you to set up/breakdown and the ideal length of your performance. *
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