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Permission to Use Photograph: I grant Bridge Builders Leadership Initiative, the City of Pearl, and The Bridge Church the right to take photographs of me. The photographs may be used with or without name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content. *
I, the undersigned, volunteer at Bridge Builders Leadership Initiative and other activities associated therewith do hereby acknowledge that my child(ren) and I understand the inherent risks (including but not limited to serious bodily injury, COVID-19 or death) of contact with others, physical exertion and manual labor and athletic events and hereby warrant that I am physically healthy enough to participate in such activities. I have sought medical attention for any and all health conditions known to me and have been cleared by medical professionals to participate in such activities. I understand the rules, regulations, provisions, standards, and obligations of participating in events such as will be undertaken by this Program. I agree not to take any action or make any statement which may damage any member of the program or any person or organization being assisted by the Program and its volunteers at any time before, during, after or in conjunction with the community service projects. I fully release Bridge Builders Leadership Initiative, the Bridge Church, the Pearl Public School District, the City of Pearl, Mississippi, and the pastors, members, officers, agents, servants, employees, independent contractors, other volunteers, participants, principals, officials, teachers, faculty, school board members, heirs and assigns of same and agree to hold them harmless of any liability arising from any injuries or damages sustained while participating in “Bridge Builders Leadership Initiative” and affiliated programs and other activities associated therewith. *
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