Application for 2018 James Lawson Institute - Nashville
The James Lawson Institute draws lessons from past and present civil resistance movements around the world to discern what kinds of strategies, tactics and practices are effective for people organizing movements and waging civil resistance campaigns. We will learn from case studies, theoretical frameworks, participant exercises, planning tools, academic research, and each other.

The application consist of three sections:
1. Application
2. Personal Reflection
3. Payment Choice/Request for Scholarship Assistance

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Demographic Questions
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Motivational Questions
1. Describe your experience with activism and/or organizing and why this work is important to you.
2. What, in your view, is the role of nonviolent action in affecting social change?
3. Which historical nonviolent campaigns or movements have inspired you and why?
4. Choose an historical hero of nonviolent action (e.g., Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Fannie Lou Hamer) and discuss how you think they would respond to the current moment.
5. What is your opinion on the use of “diversity of tactics” in nonviolent struggle?
Practical Application
6. What kinds of skills or knowledge do you hope to gain from this institute to help you become a more effective organizer and planner?
7. What do you think you can learn from the Reverend Dr. Lawson and his colleagues that you may not be able to learn elsewhere?
8. If you had the resources to organize a mass civil resistance campaign, what issue would be your primary focus?
9. In your experience, how would you know when your campaign or movement is ready to begin planning its actions? How would you know if your campaign has succeeded?
Long Term Goals - The World You Want to See
Please describe the ideal world you would like to see as a result of your organizing efforts.
Personal Reflection
Please take a look at the articles in the "Resources" section of the the James Lawson Institute website. Please identify one article and provide us with your personal reflections in 300 words or less.
Which payment option do you choose to pay the fee for the institute?
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