Block, Inc. Bitcoin Endowment Grant Application
Through the bitcoin endowment, Block, Inc. is partnering with individuals and organizations that are working toward the common goal of increasing bitcoin education and adoption in under-resourced communities worldwide.

We will review applications on a rolling basis and grantees will be announced on a quarterly basis. We will follow up with you directly if we would like more information. However, given the volume of requests received, at this time we are unable to provide a timeframe for responses.

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 Example: "This grant will be used to fund the Bitcoin Education Project in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA for HBCU students.”
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For Geographic location(s), please list all countries, subregions that would benefit from this work; please include city(ies) and state(s) if within the USA.
Please describe how the requested funding will be used to promote Bitcoin education and access in under-resourced communities. *
Describe the scope and approach of the proposed work. This should be a short description of the principal results the requested funds would hope to achieve and how those results relate to your answers previously provided. *
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