Block, Inc. Discovery Grant Application

Block, Inc. (formerly Square, Inc.) created the Discovery Grant to help support nonprofit organizations working to make financial education — fiat and/or bitcoin — open and available to historically under-resourced communities worldwide. The grant is open to all established programs, no matter the size, that focus on strengthening economic access. 

We review Discovery Grant applications on a rolling basis. If your program is a potential fit, we’ll follow up with you directly. However, given the volume of applications, we’re not able to offer a timeframe for responses. 

If Block selects your program for a Discovery Grant, we’ll be in touch. We’ll also announce winners publicly at a later date.

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In a paragraph or less, describe how you would use the grant funding to promote financial education and access in under-resourced communities. *
Describe what problem(s) you or your organization will attempt to address with this grant. *
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For geographic location(s), please list all countries and subregions that would benefit from this work; please include city(ies) and state(s) if within the USA.
What is your organization’s track record for effectively increasing financial inclusion? *
We want to understand the scope and approach of your proposed work. Tying back to your previous responses, write a short description of the principal results you hope to achieve with the requested funds. *
If bitcoin-related financial inclusion is the focus of your program, describe what drew you to this work and why you think it’s important. *
If bitcoin-based financial inclusion is the focus of your program, why do you believe bitcoin and decentralized currencies are an important tool to expanding access to the economy? *
In the spirit of open source, would you be willing to freely share any educational resources or materials you may create with the grant’s support? *
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