Good Sam's "Love Your Neighbor" Questions
We are reaching out to the members and friends of Good Sam's to check on everyone and begin the privileged work of serving others and being served when we are in need. Please fill out this questionnaire knowing that your answers may change as events unfold. Section 1 is about your own needs. Section 2 is about how you might be able to help our community. (It would be helpful if each adult/teen filled out their own.)
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Do you have any immediate needs for food, medicine, or other supplies?
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Is your job secure or do you anticipate a loss of income? Do you need help finding resources for paying bills? (This information is confidential and will only be shared amongst our clergy, who will respond to you as quickly as possible.)
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If it is necessary for you to leave your home for work, do you need help with child care?
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How can we pray for you or others close to you?
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