FamiLAB Membership Process Scavenger Hunt
As a member of FamiLAB, you'll be trusted with a great deal of responsibility! This process is designed to teach you what you need to know by exposing you to many facets of the group. As you seek to answer these questions, consider why each question is here, and why a member might be expected to know each of these things.

If you need help, ask any member, but keep in mind: A personal trainer doesn't lift the weights for you! The goal here is to beef up *your* knowledge-base before getting a key card. Prove how resourceful you can be, and enjoy this information-hunt!

You don't have to do these steps in order, and since we're not yet sure how Google Forms handles partial responses, you might want to pre-jot your answers on paper or something while you're working, then submit this thing all at once.

Thanks to i3 Detroit for making one of these first so we could use it to make ours!
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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