People of Manufacturing Award - Front-Line Leadership
Please take a moment to complete our application for the 6th Annual People of Manufacturing Awards.

Applications will be accepted through August 1st.

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The Front-Line Leadership Award is intended to honor supervisors or managers in production or back-office roles within a manufacturing organization in Georgia. To nominate an individual, please complete the information below:
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Please describe below how your nominee has made significant contributions in the areas of:
• Innovation – Describe how the nominee regularly presents new ideas and helps bring them to fruition in areas such as productivity improvement, safety, workflow, efficiency, and profitability.

• Teamwork – Describe how the nominee demonstrates and fosters teamwork, e.g. by assisting and working with fellow employees without having to be asked; participating in group or team projects; and thinking of others and the needs of the organization before thinking of themselves.

• Leadership – Describe how the nominee serves as a positive role model for other employees, e.g. by demonstrating high integrity, ethical behavior, exceptional work habits, a strong work ethic and strong character.

• Community Service – Describe how the nominee volunteers his/her time and/or other resources to give back to their community. Does he or she regularly perform community service such as volunteerism, coaching, local government, schools, civic activities or other forms of altruism?

Please include a written description of why this person should be considered for this award emphasizing: Innovation, Teamwork, Leadership and Community Service. *
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