Amayla Kennels Puppy Buyer Application
Xoloitzcuintli puppy application

None of these questions "make or break" you as a possible home. They simply give us more insight into your lives and help us place the best puppy for the best possible outcome. Our goal is to find the best fit for you so that you have the right start to a wonderful companionship with one of our beloved puppies. We also want to make sure you are aware of the difficulties that come along with raising a well socialized, well mannered Xolo puppy.  
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Full name: *
Today's Date: *
Street Address: *
State: *
City: *
Cell phone number: *
Email: *
House or apartment? *
Do you rent or own? *
Are you an active military family? *
Have you had a dog before? if yes, for how long? *
Have you ever had a bad experience with a dog? if yes, explain. *
How did you learn about Xoloitzcuintles and why do you think its the breed for you? *
Have you done your research on this breed and understand their temperaments, breed specific health issues, Etc.? *
Are you aware that adult Xolos are a primitive breed and typically carry Same Sex Aggression and or are aggressive/reactive towards strange dogs? *
Are you aware that adult Xolos are a primitive breed and can be fearful of strangers if not socialized correctly? *
Have you ever dealt with those or other kinds of temperament issues? if so how? *
Color preference: *
Coat preference: *
Size preference: (we currently only breed standards) *
Gender preference: *
How soon are you wanting to add a Xolo to your family? We don’t breed that often so you might need to be willing to wait on our waitlist for up to a year or more. *
Are you open to an older Xolo? Usually not more than 2 years old. sometimes we are placing some of our older dogs that we have kept back to show and they for some reason or another haven’t met our requirements for our breeding program. *
Have you ever owned a Xolo before? *
Are you looking for a... *
If you are located in Texas, are you willing to let us show your puppy in AKC dog shows to possibly obtain his/her championship? (this requires keeping your puppy intact until championship is obtained) *
Will you be taking your puppy to an 8 week socialization class? *
What exercise will you provide for the puppy? They will need extensive physical and mental stimulation to keep them from destroying your home. *
What food are you planning on feeding your puppy? Are you willing to take feeding recommendations from us? *
If you're not willing to show, are you prepared to spay/neuter at the appropriate age? *
Are you willing to travel to meet the dam and sire of your puppy? And to meet other Xolos? *
As the breeder, it is important for me to keep track of all my dogs that have been placed. Are you willing to work with us to stay in contact regarding the development of your puppy *
Do you understand that you will sign a contract that states this puppy always has a home with us, and if for any reason you cannot continue to keep him/her, we must be contacted first? *
Have you crate trained a puppy before? *
Where will the puppy sleep? *
Where will the puppy be during the day? *
Will someone be home with the puppy during the day? If no, how will they be exercised during the day? (pet sitter, dog walker, out in yard, etc.) *
Do you have a fenced yard? *
How many members are in your household? are they all in agreement to add a puppy to the family? *
Do you have children? Ages? *
Do you have other pets? how many and what kind? *
Do you understand that this breed typically has a very strong prey drive and, if not supervised correctly, small animals such as cats, hamsters, birds, rabbits, etc, could become a snack 😬 *
Have you ever returned a pet to a shelter or breeder and why? *
Have you ever had to give a pet away? why? *
Do you understand the meaning of limited and full registration with the American Kennel Club? *
What activities does your family participate in that might include the puppy? *
Please provide (usually 2 or 3) references.  (Veterinarian, trainer, person active in dogs, another breeder, close friend).  Please provide phone numbers and email if possible.  These references will be checked. *
Is there anything else about yourself that you'd like to share with us?
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