Action Scorecards - Launch Feedback
This is a short feedback form to understand councils views on the launch of the Council Climate Action Scorecards and how you may have used the Scorecards. All comments will be read and form part of our project evaluation to improve the Scorecards for future years - this includes the previous feedback we received on the Right of Reply. We will only be responding to you if you have indicated you are interested in providing a case study.

We may use your feedback in reports, reviews, or share it with partner organisations. If we are going to use any feedback you share we will make sure to completely anonymise it and remove any reference to you/your council.

If a question does not apply to you then please just put N/A in the answer box.

We estimate the survey will take 10-15 minutes to fill in. The deadline has been extended until 8th January 2024.

We are not looking for individual comments on councils' scoring. If you want to question your councils' score you can do this via a form on our Scorecards website:

Privacy notice for case studies contact information
Climate Emergency UK will only use the details provided in this form (for the very last question) for the purpose of contacting you about providing a case study, if you wish to do so. Your email address will be shared with our Scorecards partner mySociety. We will retain your details for the duration of  case study. You can ask for your data to be removed from our systems at any point by contacting:
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On a scale of 1 to 5 how impactful do you feel the Scorecards launch has been?
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Please explain your answer above providing any information on the impact the Scorecards launch has had.
On a scale of 1 to 5 how prepared did you feel for the Scorecards launch?
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What would have made you feel more prepared for the launch of the Scorecards?
How did you feel the launch of the Scorecards was handled?
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