Axle Backer Beta Level Feedback Form
Hello Backers! Thank you for taking the time to play the backer beta level of Axle. Please give us some feedback so we can make Axle the best that it can be!
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What device did you play it on?
Nexus 7 Tablet, HTC One S, Motorola Droid RAZR, etc.
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Explain any technical difficulties you had. Go into as much detail as possible.
error messages, strange behavior, repeatablity of bugs, frame rate changes
What was your favorite part of the game? *
What was your least favorite part of the game? *
Describe the controls.
responsive, intuative, confusing, challenging, ect
Were you confused at any point?
where were you confused? did you come to an understanding? how?
Do you have any additional comments for the Axle Team?
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